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Annie Liu: Moving towards happiness.

Back to list From:Recommended case Release date: 2020-11-12


Fifty-five years old Annie Liu have realized how drastically different her life is with Solax mobility assistance. Her blue S3021 automatic foldable scooter has become her companion at home and when going out. 


Ms. Liu suffered from a stroke in both of her legs and completely lost the ability to walk. After her tragedy, she had to rely on caregivers to help her daily. Even after getting a manual wheelchair, it was still hard to freely go out and enjoy an independent life. 


"I can hardly go anywhere before I have the Solax Scooter. Now I can travel to many places without help." Ms. Liu said. 


Nowadays, Annie and the blue S3021 are inseparable. With the convenience and comfort of the remote folding scooter, she has been able to enjoy life to the fullest. Ms. Liu is a food lover; with Solax mobility device, she can keep exploring Shenzhen, where she currently lives, and find new places to eat and enjoy the cousin of the town located in the southeast of China. "I can have afternoon tea with my friends, or I can eat outside when there is some food I want to try," Ms. Liu said. 


Ms. Annie Liu can't say the scooter change her life, but it has dramatically improved it. Having more freedom and not relying on others to do everything for her have made a massive improvement in her life. "It is a whole new feeling which I never got before. And it does bring me a lot of happiness." Ms. Liu said. 

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