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Mike Chan: Steering the wheel of my life

Back to list From:Recommended case Release date: 2020-12-01


Before using his red S3023 automatic foldable scooter, fifty-five years old, Mike Chan thought he was losing control of his life. His mobility limitation deeply affects him mentally, often feeling angry and upset about himself. 


Mr. Chan suffered from a stroke on his body's left side, immobilizing his left arm and leg. After the incident, his life shifted dramatically, leading to depression and the sensation of being useless. Even with the use of crutches, it was hard to stay active and felt in control. 


"After the stroke, I used to feel upset. I found there is nothing I can handle in life. But things changed when I bought the Solax Scooter." Mr. Chan said.


Nowadays, Mike and his red automatic foldable scooter are inseparable and have become instrumental in his daily activities. The resident of Dongguan city, China, has found the perfect aid to regain control and feel independent. Nowadays, he is living an active life.  "I can drive to my wife's shop and help her with the little stuff." Mr. Chan said. Also, he is able to go around a visit his friend, have a chat, and even travel.


For a long time, Mr. Chan was in a downward spiral, unable to let go of his anger and depression. However, with the Solax mobility scooter's help, he has gained the perfect tool to enable him with new possibilities and, most importantly, to look into the future positively. "My scooter help me find happiness again." Mr. Chan said.

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