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Lucy Huang: Travelling has never been more pleasant.

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A former basketball player Lucy Huang has found a whole new way to enjoy life by using the Solax S2081 mobility scooter. The eighty-year-old resident of Guangzhou, China, has found that she can still enjoy spending time with her family and be an active member of her local community living at her fullest even after her injuries.


"For many years, I used a crutch to walk after injury. So eventually, I was not willing to go outside." Ms. Huang said.


One of the most significant changes in her life after using the mobility scooter daily is that she can be closer with the ones she loves. Because of the assistive device, she can now watch her grandson play basketball, meet her friends, and go to her routine medical appointment by herself. However, the most important thing about using the Solax S2081 scooter is that it is convenient and pleasant to use for extended periods.


"After using the mobility scooter for a while, I have become outgoing again," Ms. Huang said. The freedom to go anywhere without difficulties or discomfort has motivated Lucy to challenge herself and have new experiences. She has now managed to take her scooter to travel by train and planes during holidays, even making a trip to Yunnan, approximately a thousand five hundred kilometers from Guangzhou, where she currently lives.


Lucy Huang's lifestyle has been enhanced by using the mobility scooter. It has open new possibilities that were too difficult or painful to perform with other devices like the crutch she used before changing to Solax S2081. Most importantly, our product has helped her regain her confidence and find new possibilities to achieve new goals and dreams.

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