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How can I purchase Solax products?

We have multiple partners and authorize providers around the world. If you can't find one near you, please click [contact us], and we will assist you in finding the closest dealer.

How to clean my scooters or wheelchairs?

To clean your scooters or wheelchairs, use a damp cloth with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner on the plastic and metal parts. Never expose your mobility device to direct contact with water.

How to know if my scooters or wheelchairs are malfunctioning?

The following conditions may indicate that your scooter has problems: Motor or gearbox noises, frayed electrical harnesses, cracked or broken connections, wore tires, veering onto one side, bent or broken wheel assemblies, loosened components. If your mobility device is having one or more of these conditions, contact your authorized provider as it may be indicative of a severe malfunction.

Do mobility scooters and power wheelchairs waterproof?

We do not recommend using mobility scooters, either power wheelchairs under rain or when exposed to direct water. Under this circumstance, the device may malfunction and be damaged permanently.

Do scooters and wheelchairs need maintenance?

To prevent any malfunction and to prolong the product lifespan, consider these suggestions. When Storage the mobility device, keep it free from extreme temperatures and avoid a humid environment. Before using, check for accumulation of moisture, corrosion, or dirt near the battery, wires, and panel. Inspect the throttle is not bent when in neutral or rest position. Once a month, check the air pressure and wear of the pneumatic tires. Also, inspect the connection of the battery electrode and exposed or loosened wires and screws. Once a year, it is recommendable to inject lubricating oils into the engine.

Can I replace my battery?

Yes, you can see all our replacement batteries in our [accessories] segment on our website; consult your nearest authorized distributor or [contact us] to assist you.

How long does it take to charge the mobility devices?

It takes six to eight hours for power wheelchairs and lifting chairs to charge and eight to fourteen hours for mobility scooters. To preserve the battery's lifespan and performance, do not extend the charging time for more than twenty-four hours.

How do I charge my scooters or wheelchairs?

Solax products have two main ways to charge the battery. The first one is to remove the battery from the mobility device, and the second one is to plug it directly into the scooter or wheelchair. If your product uses the second charging mechanism, turn it off before start charging. To know your device's charging method, check the user manual [download] or [contact us], and we will assist you through the process.

What is the maximum speed of the scooters?

Solax foldable scooter's maximum speed reaches up to 3.7 to 4 mph, depending on the model, up to 4.39mph for the mobility scooters and 12.4 mph four-wheel-drive scooters.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the scooters and wheelchairs?

Solax foldable scooter can support a maximum weight of 125 to 136kg, depending on the model, mobility scooter 150kg, and power wheelchairs 125kg.

Can you take Solax scooters on a flight?

Solax automatic and manual foldable scooters are designed to be compact and lightweight. Some of them can even fit inside a travel suitcase. Our mobility device should be suitable to take on flights. However, this will be subject to various Airline regulations.

Do scooters fit in the car?

Solax automatic and manual foldable scooters are intended for easy fit inside most cars. Our products design to fold or be dismantled without effort to facilitate transportation and storage.

Does driving mobility scooters or power wheelchairs require a license?

In most countries, battery-powered scooters or wheelchairs will not require having a license. However, this may change depending on the local laws of your residency.

Which mobility device is best for me?

There are different factors to have in mind when choosing the best mobility assist device. One of the primary considerations is to evaluate your specific necessities and what type of device will fulfill those needs. Also, you may need to think about the main usage for your scooter or wheelchair. If you are looking for primary outdoor use, a mobility scooter may be the best option. On the other side, if you need to be in tight spaces like indoors, considering a wheelchair or lifting chair may be a more suitable mobility aid device.

Do I need a medical mobility device like a wheelchair or scooter?

Medical mobility devices are for everyone who is having trouble moving by themselves. If you have mobility limitations, your legs are giving up, have a temporary injury or specific disability. Consider the most suitable assist device for your needs.

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