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5 Fun Activities Persons with Limited Mobility Can Do in Their Free Time

Back From: Release date: 2021-12-09

5 Fun Activities Persons with Limited Mobility Can Do in Their Free Time

Having something to do in your free time can help to engage the mind, learn something new, and even boost your physical health. As a person living with limited mobility, there are plenty of fun activities that you can take up. Not all hobbies require physical movement.

You can still achieve a higher-quality of life by working on your strengths and cognitive attributes. In this post, we’ll provide a list of indoor and outdoor activities that can improve your overall wellbeing and wellness. This is, especially if you have some free time on your hands.

Fun Activities for Persons with Disability


If you and your loved ones can spend time outdoors, camping can help you get away from a sedentary lifestyle. There is always so much to learn and see when visiting new places. You get to know how to be self-sufficient and how to be resilient when faced with challenges. Camping also boosts social skills and brings you closer to nature.

As a person living with limited mobility, you’ll need to have just a few aiding items that will get you through the experience. For example, our Solax off-road mobility scooter is designed to provide a comfortable ride on rough terrains. It also works well indoors. While using it, you get to have a stress-free experience out in the wild.

Solax S6021 mobility scooter and S9013 Balance chair

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a great alternative if you prefer to stay indoors. They only require you to have a pen, your brain, and somewhere comfortable to sit. A well-designed wheelchair from Solax can provide the comfort that you need. Crossword puzzles are known to improve one’s vocabulary and mood.

Finishing something challenging on your own can also give you some confidence to tackle more challenges. While working on them, you get an opportunity to think about something else other than what’s troubling you at the moment. If you’re stuck, you can ask for help and socialize with other people that share the same interest.

Parasports basketball and table tennis

Wheelchair Sports

There are different types of wheelchair sports that you can take up during your free time. They help to keep you fit and relieve stress. Many of them involve using a manual wheelchair while others are played using electric wheelchairs. If you’re looking to participate in any sport, you can get a reliable electric wheelchair from Solax.

Some of the most popular sports for those with limited mobility include basketball, table tennis, bowling, football, baseball, hockey, badminton, tennis, and racing. You’ll need a wheelchair that provides high speed and can be maneuvered easily. It should also have a strong frame that can withstand sporting activities.

Social work

Getting out of the house and giving a helping hand in your community is also a great way to make good use of your free time. It helps you make new connections and stay connected with like-minded people. There are plenty of activities that ensure everyone can give back inclusively, despite their physical condition.

Some of the activities you can become a part of include serving meals at soup kitchens, helping keep the environment beautiful, helping care for domesticated animals, and stocking food pantries. Getting out there will also help you make new friends, learn new skills and do what you love.

Disable people and seniors joinning social work and community activities


Fishing can be a great way to unwind from your daily activities. It is considered one of the healthiest hobbies you can pick up during your free time. This is especially if you have someone to show you the ropes. Fishing is also a low-impact workout that helps you to do some physical activity without straining your body.

Also, you get to eat healthy from what you catch. Fish is filled with plenty of essential nutrients that are good for the body. Omega 3 helps to boost your heart’s health and eyesight while vitamin B12 is essential for healthy blood cells, DNA, and nerves. You even get a boost in nutrients if you catch oily fish like salmon, trout, or mackerel.


As seen above, there’s plenty of stuff to do for persons living with limited mobility. The activities mentioned can help relieve stress and boost productivity. They also come in handy when you want to kill boredom, get some entertainment, or make life more interesting. The good news is that none of it requires too much body engagement. This makes the activities ideal for those living with disability.


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