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Accessories That Improve Your Experience with the New Solax S302421G

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-09-14

Accessories That Improve Your Experience with the New Solax S302421G

Buying a new mobility scooter can make it easy for you to do things and travel to places you couldn’t before. It provides the extra convenience and comfort that most manual wheelchairs lack. However, it’s not uncommon to still encounter challenges while using a mobility scooter.

Such challenges include running out of space to carry your groceries while shopping and having difficulty carrying the scooter while alone. This is where our accessories come in. Our new Solax S302421G automatic folding scooter comes with a variety of optional products that you can pick up for yourself after buying the scooter.

Here’s how these products help to improve your experience.

Solax S302421G mobility scooter


Baskets for extra storage space

One of the most popular accessories that people get is a mobility scooter basket. It provides the extra storage space that you need for your personal belongings, shopping, groceries, and much more. You no longer have to worry about carrying items on your lap while moving about in your scooter.

A basket is also a great item to have if you wish to dress up your scooter. This means that in addition to being a functional accessory, it can also be used for decorative purposes. The one available for the Solax S302421G is model-specific but can also be fitted on similar scooters in our portfolio.

The style provided is quite decent and unique. It’s designed to suit your individual taste and needs. All you need is a mount that will secure the basket on your scooter and you’re good to go.

Solax sotorage basket for mobility scooter.


Travel charger for long travels

The Solax S302421G comes with a 24V lithium battery that needs to be charged. As such, many owners are always looking for solutions that will allow them to charge their scooters while away from home. One such solution is our travel charger. 
It allows you to charge your scooter’s battery even when you’re away from home. This means that you do not have to leave the scooter on your travels. You get to take it with you and have it powered whenever you need it. The charger is portable and doesn’t take much space. It also comes with the right amp rating and connector for your Solax scooter. 

Portable travel charger for scooters like S302421G

Travel case for flights

Our folding mobility scooter travel case is a must-have for flights and excursions. The Solax S302421G is sized 965 x 450 x 940 mm when unfolded. Once you press the button to fold it, it reduces to about 450 x 450 x 640 mm. This is small enough for it to fit in a compact travel case.

The travel case features a durable and lightweight construction that makes it easy to use. We provide a locking system that maximizes security and a design that is airline-approved. The case is also easy to roll and makes transporting your Solax mobility scooter hassle-free. You do not have to worry about any damages that may occur to your mobility device.

flight travel case for mobility scooter

Lift for lifting your scooter

At Solax, we offer an easy-to-use lift that makes it easier for you to transport your automatic folding scooter. All you have to do is push a button and the lift will hoist your scooter to your vehicle for you. Whether you own a truck, SUV, car, or van, the lift is strong enough to do the job. 
The lift has a higher weight capacity and is built to be compatible with the folded design of the Solax S302421G. It is easy to assemble and does not include any mechanical components that would make it hard for you to put it together. Furthermore, it does not require you to make any modifications to your vehicle. 
All you need to do is unfold your lift, connect the power cord to the scooter’s charging outlet, hook the hoist to the scooter, and press a button to lift or lower your scooter in and out of any trunk. The lift itself can be folded to fit into the back of your car alongside your folded scooter once you’re done using it. 

We got you cover, visit all our accesories to improve you riding experience



Our accessories add convenience to your life and help to personalize your mobility scooter. They also make you more independent as a person living with limited mobility. If you already own the Solax S302421G, you can add a basket, travel charger, travel case, or lift as part of the kit to make life and movement easier for you. 


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