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How the Power Wheelchair Differentiates Itself From Other Mobility Devices

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-09-28

How the Power Wheelchair Differentiates Itself From Other Mobility Devices

Power wheelchairs offer plenty of benefits when compared to other mobility devices. Thanks to the advancement in technology, they now provide a degree of independence that wasn’t achievable a few years back.

In today’s post, we share some of the ways our power wheelchairs differentiate themselves from other mobility devices within our catalog. This information is useful if you’re looking for a mobility device but haven’t decided what to get. It will help you figure out what meets your needs. Let’s dive in.

Advantages of power wheelchairs over other mobility devices

Solax S7103 automatic folding power wheelchair Customizable

Unlike many mobility aids, power wheelchairs offer buyers the opportunity to customize them however they like. They get to pick different styles, sizes, colors, and options for their comfort. For example, a foldable power wheelchair allows you to fit it inside confined spaces.

The folding method can either be manual, remote-controlled or operated using an electric switch. Special designs are also available for taller participants, seniors, and those that have larger bodies. No matter your height or weight, you’re assured to find something that suits your needs.


Make Movement Easier

The main idea behind a power wheelchair is to provide convenient transportation that doesn’t require a lot of manual effort. As such, you get to move around without doing much. The power wheelchair does everything for you.

While it’s still possible to get yourself to most places manually, inclines and hills can be a challenge even for the able. Power wheelchairs make it easy for those without the adequate muscle strength to climb such hills. Without them, users would need someone to help them move around.


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More Sturdy

Power wheelchairs can be weighty in their construction. This provides users with a lower center of mass that makes the power wheelchair sturdy and stable. Those with limited mobility gain a boost in confidence knowing that their wheelchair is less likely to experience front-to-back tipping.

In addition, chances of side-to-side falling are also greatly reduced. The extra weight provides benefits that you wouldn’t get in other lighter mobility aids. It ensures that your wheelchair stays safe from damages that may occur due to unwanted falling.


Best for Tight Spaces

When compared to scooters, power wheelchairs come with a tight turning radius that makes them the best choice for users who spend most of their time indoors. They can be used to negotiate tight corners in the house or office. Power scooters tend to be longer in their construction.

This can make it hard for users to maneuver pavements and sharp corners using them. The features provided in our power wheelchairs also make them ideal for outdoor movement. You get a reliable companion that you can use almost anywhere without fear or worry.


Improved Safety

Our power wheelchairs are known to be much safer when compared to manual wheelchairs. For starters, they feature a high-quality motor controller that provides smooth starts and stops. When combined with the rear-wheel drive system, you get better control of your mobility device.

The driving system is also beneficial when it comes to maneuvering tricky terrains and steeper roads. It ensures that there are no accidental moves that may result from a lack of power. An electromagnetic brake system is also included to improve safety and ensure the user can come to a complete stop with less physical effort.

Solax power wheelchiar easy to storage and carry around

Eliminates Fatigue

When compared to mobility devices that have to be operated manually, power wheelchairs play an important role in eliminating fatigue. This goes for both the user and their caregiver. Manually pushing and operating a wheelchair can be exhausting. It can cause long trips to seem unbearable and less enjoyable.

Electric wheelchairs provide all the energy needed to go for trips. This is especially for models that can be easily controlled and folded at the touch of a button. Most have controls that are easy to operate, hence, ensuring that you also don’t get tired mentally trying to fumble with controls.



Power wheelchairs provide plenty of advantages over other mobility aids. However, it’s good to note that other devices also have a place in the world. They, too, solve a particular need. We hope that this article helps you in making your decision as you decide to get a mobility aid.


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