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Here’s What Each Type of Mobility Device Offers

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-08-31

Here’s What Each Type of Mobility Device Offers

The last few decades have seen an increase in the number of mobility aids. This is thanks to continuous research and development that seeks to find solutions for people living with limited mobility. 
Whether you’ve lost muscle mass or experience pain in your joints, there’s something for everyone. At Solax, we have a wide variety of mobility devices that are built to provide the assistance you need during movement. 
Our products are made using innovative materials that put us ahead of our competition. In today’s article, we take a look at some of the aids we have in our portfolio and what they have to offer to those living with limited mobility. 


Types of Mobility Aids

Foldable Scooter 

Scooters have become quite common in the recent years among those living with mobility difficulties. They offer a wider turning radius and larger footprint when compared to wheelchairs. This allows them to cover different types of terrain with ease. 
It’s good to note that due to their lengthy design, they may not be ideal in tight areas and can be imperfect for use inside homes. They, however, offer more power for seniors and adults with limited ability to move on their own. 
At Solax, we provide two types of scooters - the S3025 and the S204311M. The former can be folded automatically at the touch of a button while the latter offers a manual folding technique. This enables owners to pick what suits them best based on their mobility limitations. Both are electronically controlled and offer a ton of features for each user. 

Solax mobility folding scooter S3025 and S204311M

Power wheelchair
A wheelchair is a must-have if you having difficulty walking on your own. For non-powered versions, it becomes necessary to use your upper body strength to operate them. Sometimes, you’ll often need family members, a caregiver, a friend, or a nurse to help you move about. 
This is why our portfolio provides several types of powered wheelchairs to choose from. They are designed to make mobility easier and to offer users more autonomy and independence. For example, the Solax S7103 power wheelchair is an electronically controlled version that is easy to use and maintain. 
It improves overall quality of life by reducing discomfort and pain. You get to travel and move about without experiencing fatigue. Once you sit on your power wheelchair, you can easily control it by yourself without needing anyone to help you push it. 

Solax S7103 power wheelchair

Lifting chair

A lifting chair is an essential aid for anyone looking to have more independence as a person living with limited mobility. It helps to maintain personal freedom and improve your quality of life as you age. 
The primary purpose of a lifting chair is to help the user get up and down. All you need to do is use the controls to move about and raise or lower the chair whenever need be. This could be when picking something from high cabinets or drawers that are positioned close to the ground. 
Our Solax S7102 lifting chair provides maximum comfort and functionality while in use. It also offers a lift that is high enough to get things done quickly and safely. It allows seniors to get up without having to call for assistance all the time. 

Solax S7102 lifting chair
Standing chair 

Standing chairs are also referred to as stand up wheelchairs. They are designed to lift the user into a secured and supported standing position and lower them back into a seated position. Their purpose is to give the user the ability to get into a standing stance whenever they need to. 
This eliminates the need of having to call a caregiver or family member to help them stand. It’s beneficial to those that can’t stand on their own. It helps them with their physical health and makes it easy for them to perform daily activities. 
At Solax, we offer the S7205 standing chair that comes with a multitude of features that make it adjustable to the individual’s unique needs. You get safety straps and belts that support various parts of the body, an electronically controlled system that makes it easy to move about while seated, a backrest, armrest, headrest, and footrest. It’s the best option for persons with severe disabilities. 

Solax S7205 standing chairConclusion 
Every mobility aid is designed to cater to a person’s special needs and make it easy for them to live a normal life. It helps to reduce pain and increase their level of independence when it comes to movement. If you’re looking for a manual or automatic folding scooter, a power wheelchair, a lifting chair, or standing chair, Solax has a wide variety that are designed to meet your needs. 

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