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How to Find Meaning and Purpose in your New Life as a Person with Limited Mobility

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-07-20

How to Find Meaning and Purpose in your New Life as a Person with Limited Mobility

Adapting to your new life as a person with limited mobility can be challenging. However, there are ways you can learn to overcome the limitations and live a rewarding life. While you may not be able to go back to your former self, you can change how you view everything and make adjustments to your daily activities to make life a lot better. You’re in control, and there’s a way you can develop a sense of empowerment and improve your independence. With that said, here are steps you can take to find meaning and purpose in your new life as a person living with disabilities.


Be Kind to Yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself up once the thought of having to live with a disability sinks in. But, this only makes it difficult to accept your reality. Furthermore, it may keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward. 
As you start your new life, allow yourself to grieve. Having a limited body may have altered some of your future plans but, being kind to yourself allows you to start learning and cope with your situation. It also allows you to start making the appropriate adjustments in your life. 


Ask for Support

Ask for Support

When living with limited mobility, it may be easy to feel alone and misunderstood. As a result, you may be tempted to withdraw from friends and family and get into isolation. This is completely understandable. However, by nurturing the right relationships in your life, you’re able to stay connected with others and even ask for help whenever you need something. 
Accepting help does not mean you’re weak. In fact, it shows that you have the courage to move on despite what has happened. You can always join a support group that has people in similar situations. This helps you to learn from others who may have felt the same way as you and have mustered the courage to move on with life. 


Once you’ve learnt to accept yourself and ask for support whenever need be, it’s time to put yourself out there and get productive. One of the best ways to go about this is to volunteer for a cause you’re most passionate about. Some of the opportunities available out there can be even be done from home. 
The most common virtual opportunities include those involved in advocacy and human rights, animals, health and medicine, arts and culture, children and youth, education and literacy, community building, and many more. You can pick that which interests you. 


Develop New Activities and Hobbies

Develop New Activities and Hobbies

If you’re still able to do some of the activities and hobbies that you did before, it goes a long way to reconnect and engage with them even after becoming disabled. If you’re no longer able to do those things, finding new activities can help you stay engaged. It helps to boost your mental health and help you stay productive. You can also seek creative ways to still participate in day-to-day activities. 


Give Back

When you have limited mobility, you may have family and friends that help you once in a while whenever need be. Finding ways to reciprocate their love and care can go a long way in helping you derive meaning and purpose. For example, if you’re really good at technology, you could help them solve problems they experience with their cell phones and computers. Even doing something small like giving genuine compliments and writing a thank-you card can go a long way. 


Exercise is great for both the mind and body.

Exercise is great for both the mind and body. It helps to relieve stress and tension, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve your sleep. As a person that’s living with disability, starting small with simple exercises is a good place to start. This allows you to build up from there and find creative ways to increase the amount of physical exercise that you do. 
Only focus on the things that you can do. Avoid comparing yourself to others who have been working out for a long time. It’s also important that you listen to your body every time you’re doing physical activities. If you develop shortness of breath, chest pains, or feel dizzy, stop immediately and call your doctor. 



Finding meaning and purpose as a person living with limited mobility is not a one-night event. With the help of the tips provided above, you can start finding out what appeals to you and what fulfils you. It may take longer than usual to get accustomed to your new life. But, don’t give up. You’ll soon be able to have a sense of well-being. 

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