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What To Consider When Buying a Scooter, Lifting Chair, or Power Wheelchair

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-08-03

What To Consider When Buying a Scooter, Lifting Chair, or Power Wheelchair

Mobility devices are designed to offer plenty of benefits to the injured, disabled, and senior adults. They offer independence and freedom to people who have a problem moving around. Today, the market is filled with different types of mobility aids made to meet people’s needs.
Knowing what to consider when buying yours will help you pick a device that caters to your mobility issue. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing a scooter, lifting chair, or power wheelchair. This is in reference to our S7012 and S7110 power wheelchairs and the S3025 automatic foldable scooter that are designed to match your lifestyle.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Mobility Device

Type of injury or mobility issue

The decision to buy a mobility scooter, lifting chair, or power wheelchair depends on the type of injury or mobility issue that you have. Scooters, such as the Solax S3025 automatic foldable scooter, are beneficial for users that find it difficult to use a manual wheelchair using their upper body strength. They are also perfect for those with limited body flexibility. 
On the other hand, lifting chairs are designed for users who find it difficult to transition from a seated position to a standing position. This could be due to balance or mobility issues. A lifting chair normally features buttons and controls that allow owners to recline the seat back and forth. 
Lastly, power wheelchairs, such as the Solax S7012 and S7110, are devices made for users that have difficulty walking and those that find it challenging to use a mobility scooter or manual wheelchair due to weak arms. Similar to scooters, they have controls and buttons that can be used to power them up and change direction. 

Solax mobility scooter help with mobility injuries or mobility issue

Ease of use
It’s important to consider your level of proficiency when it comes to operating a mobility scooter, lifting chair, or power wheelchair. Most of these devices are electronically control and may need one to familiarize themselves with how to use them. 
Many first-time users must be trained before they start using a powered mobility device. The good news is that most of the products available in the market are easy to maintain, use, and very economical to run. It’s crucial to note that they can cause considerable damage to the owner and other people. This makes it important to undergo training if you’re a novice. 


Features and options 

Mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and lifting chairs are available in a wide variety of styles, speeds, and sizes. For example, our Solax S7012 power wheelchair differentiates itself from the S7110 by offering a unique design and extra features. 
This is to provide the right product for people of different heights, weights, and sizes. Other options offer plenty of optional and premium features to increase comfort. Such features include vinyl, cloth, and leather upholstery; heated seats; and massage. 
This is done mainly to offer therapeutic benefits to those with arthritis, stiff joints, back pain, and a variety of other medical conditions. Be sure to check out some of the features and options before buying a mobility aid. You can also consult your local occupational therapist for professional advice. 

Solax power wheelchair S7012 and S7110


Safety Modifications 

For first-time users, getting a mobility scooter, lifting chair, or power wheelchair may require you to make some safety modifications at home or office. Making adjustments can make it easier to navigate within a building or places where there’s a difference in surface heights. 
Those using our Solax S7012 and S7110 power wheelchairs and the S3025 automatic foldable scooter may need a ramp where there are stairs. A ramp provides better and convenient access compared to steps. Stair lifts are also another important safety addition. They help to move wheelchairs, scooters, and people up and down the stairs. 
The safety modification that’s right for you will depend on your choice of mobility aid among the three. You can do some extra research online or consult your doctor to find out what works best. 



It is strongly recommended for those buying a mobility scooter, power wheelchair, or lifting chair to get at least third-party insurance. It’s also a great idea to be covered against damage, theft, and fire. 
Depending on your insurance coverage and mobility issue, you may be covered for part or all of the costs that come with buying a mobility device. The requirements for an insurance cover vary from one provider to another. 
You may need to have your physical therapist sign off on the device of choice. In cases where higher-priced and premium aids are available, you may need to first consult an occupational therapist.

Solax mobility scooter



Being able to move from one place to another freely is important for anyone with mobility issues. As such, there are different types of aids available today including the power wheelchair, lifting chair, and mobility scooter. Being able to know what to pick for your specific needs gives you more independence and improves your state of well-being. 

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