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Planning a trip with your mobility scooter during the pandemic

Back From: Desiree McCracken Release date: 2021-07-06

Planning a trip with your mobility scooter during the pandemic

The pandemic has changed everybody's lifestyle, especially how we interact and behave when we leave our homes. The current health situation can become an added difficulty for people with mobility difficulties, making it challenging and stressful to plan a trip or any outside activities.

More cities are returning to normality step by step, opening their doors for people to resume their lives. However, we still need to take care and precautions. So how do we plan our trip without exposing ourselves and making sure we are well prepared. 

Deciding where to go

Planning a trip to an indoor venue with limited mobility. 

With the sanitary situation, it is best not to gather in crowds or be in a building with people that do not live with you. Even though indoor venues may limit the number of people in the building at one time, keeping the suggested distance between you and other people can be challenging if you have limited mobility. It is essential to have reliable mobility equipment to assist you and give you the option to navigate through crowds and wait for long queues without fatigue. The Solax S7103 power wheelchair is a great option to move around indoors. Its lightweight frame and electromagnetic brakes allow users to have great control and move through tight space. 

Being in quarantine for months can generate stress and anxiety. In some cities, museums, galleries, botanical gardens, and the zoo are now open; even with limited capacity, it is still possible to visit. Expect long waiting lines before entering some of these places. In those cases, comfort is vital, and the S7103 is designed to be used for long hours without fatigue. It even comes with an adjustable armrest to keep a straight posture. 

Solax folding mobility scooter

Making outdoor activities convenient and relaxing.

If you feel you are spending too much time indoors and feeling like going to open spaces to breathe fresh air. We have some recommendations you may consider. 

National and State parks usually have wheelchair-accessible paths, and they don't limit occupancy since it is outdoors. A Google search will pull up the parks close to your area and give you maps for all the gardens with the paths and their difficulty. This could be a perfect gateway activity to relax and release stress. If you plan to spend your day adventuring nature, your mobility scooter must be prepared for the different terrains and keep you safe. The automatic folding scooter S3025 is a great choice that allows you to drive on gravel and uneven roads. The electromagnetic braking system will ensure you never lose control of your mobility equipment. 

A day in a park is also a great option to enjoy nature. Some activities like a picnic or a BBQ may be an excellent choice for a pleasant day with your loved ones. For this situation, the S3025 is also a great choice; it goes through grassy areas with no trouble, and the remote-control folding feature allows you to put your scooter away once you reach your destination. 

Solax S7103 power wheelchair and S3025 mobility scooterAlways be prepared for everything. 

Now that you have decided where you want to go, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Preparations are about the same for a trip to either an indoor or an outdoor venue. You need to have all your equipment in top shape, make sure that you have all the needed cables and plugs to keep your wheelchair or scooter charged, and check the tires for leaks. Hotels and possibly restaurants will have outlets you can access to charge the batteries for your Solax wheelchair or mobility scooter. 

Take disinfecting supplies and wipes as well. If you are planning an outdoor trip, take water and snacks if you get to a place you want to stay a little longer or if the amenities are closed. Anytime you have been in a crowd or with people you don't live with, it is best to wipe your seat, armrests, and steering wheel down before you put your equipment up for the day.

If you are traveling away from home and require an overnight stay, look for accommodations with wheelchair-accessible rooms along your way. Have hand sanitizer and masks available since most places still have a mask mandate, and these will help protect you on your trip.

Always be prepared for everything.


With more venues opening to the public, the easier it is to find places to visits. With a Solax power wheelchair or mobility scooter, all of them are accessible to you. It’s up to you to decide where you want to go today.

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