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Taking care of children or grandchildren even with limited mobility

Back From: Desiree McCracken Release date: 2021-06-22

Taking care of children or grandchildren even with limited mobility

How wonderful it is to keep up with your family members. Having motorized equipment, such as a wheelchair or scooter can make a ton of difference.

Do you have trouble walking for a long distance? Or standing for long periods? A Solax electric wheelchair or scooter will allow you to join in activities that may have been out of your reach because of mobility problems.

Using a wheelchair or scooter does not change the person you are, only the ability to get around, both quicker and easier. Look at different options while you think about what your biggest needs may be.


Small Children and electric equipment

Using mobility equipment around kids can be wonderful if everyone is careful. Watch to make sure that the youngsters cannot drive off on the scooter accidentally by turning it off when you get done with it.

Do not allow kids to ride on the scooter when you are using it and to keep arms and legs out of the way for safety. Do not tow them using the wheelchair, no matter how fun it looks. Any of these activities can be dangerous.

And if you run into a child, it could hurt them. Or you. Even though they make the scooters and wheelchairs to be steady and unlikely to fall, it can happen. Remind your children to not climb on you or the wheelchair since it is not a toy.


Increase your capability to do more.

Your wheelchair or scooter can allow you to do more things with your offspring that you might not do without one. For instance, walks, going to school functions, taking them to activities.

The capacity to do these tasks will enrich both you and your children’s lives. With a motorized scooter or a fold up wheelchair, you can regain some of the freedom you may have lost.

If you have limited mobility, or decreased endurance, then a motorized scooter or wheelchair can assist you. If you know someone who uses the equipment you are considering, ask them questions about how they like it and if it is as helpful as they thought it would be.

Using a mobility aid will help you by changing nothing about yourself but giving you the ability to go further and play longer. Maintain safety precautions when using them. Keep the battery charged and the cords up out of the way. Plug your power source into an appropriately grounded outlet and check your cords for damage.

Small Children and electric equipment



The folding wheelchair, or scooter, both of which can be useful depending on your situation are available, as well as an off-road version. If you have young children to keep up with and it is mostly an endurance issue, then perhaps a scooter is your best option.

If you have other issues not limited to only endurance, but are physical as well, you may feel as though a wheelchair would be best. Contact a customer service representative at Solax who will help you decide on which equipment is the best for your needs.

Some of the equipment can also help you carry things. There are accessories that can be helpful if you have children. Baskets and arm bags, and seat covers can help you carry things and keep your equipment clean. Carrying things seems to be one of the important things we do as a parent or a grandparent.

Solax S7103 power wheelchair


Things to consider.

Other things to think about are the wide turning radius, make sure that the children are out of the way, and they picked their toys up. Not only for their sake, but for your safety. Falling from a wheelchair or scooter can be dangerous and you could break a bone.

The Solax S7103 is a perfect solution for this with a small turning radius. Or a power wheelchair such as the S3041 with a wider base giving more stability.

Another benefit of an electric scooter is the ability to travel across difficult terrain. Wheelchairs usually require smooth ground to travel on, while a scooter can move across uneven ground, gravel, and dirt.

This can be helpful if you take your children to sports and the field isn’t close to a parking lot and enjoy your increased ability to go along.

Solax makes the best-off road wheelchairs allowing you to go almost anywhere, the S6021 has four-wheel drive, smooth start and stop and a wider seat for more comfort. Other options are the S3023, a good all-around scooter that can take you almost anywhere.

For more information contact Solax and talk to a representative for more help on deciding which equipment will be best for you.

Solax S3041 scooter

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