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How to Keep Yourself Safe as a Person with Limited Mobility

Back From: Release date: 2021-06-08

How to Keep Yourself Safe as a Person Living With Limited Mobility

As a person living with limited mobility, feeling safe is an important aspect of your life. This is especially if you spend most of your time on a mobility device like a power wheelchair. It provides an opportunity to go about your daily activities without the fear of being harmed.

Studies have shown that people with limited mobility and other disabilities are three times more likely to be victims of assault, bullying, and other crimes. It, therefore, becomes extremely important for them to learn how to stay vigilant and avoid potential threats.

In today’s post, we’ll go over some tips for personal safety that you can adopt to keep yourself safe at all times. Let’s dive in.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The first step to making sure that you are safe is always having and maintaining a sense of where you are. This can be achieved by using your visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile senses to get an understanding of your surroundings. It is especially important if you’re traveling to unfamiliar places.

As a person using a mobility device like a power wheelchair, being aware of your surroundings makes it easier for you to notice incapacitated exits and entrances that you can get to quickly. It also provides you the opportunity to move fast when faced with unexpected threats.

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Have the Necessary Tools


We all have simple tools that we can use to help ourselves get out of sticky situations. For example, a power wheelchair allows you to move fast and efficiently without having to put in manual effort. It makes it easier for anyone with limited mobility to move about easily.

Your cellphone also comes in handy when you need to quickly call for help. You can use it to reach out to emergency helplines or even close friends when in difficult situations. Other tools that could also make it easier for you include your voice and hands.


Control Your Speed


If you’re just getting acquainted with your new mobility device, it’s essential that you take time to learn how to use it. Most power wheelchairs are designed to provide maximum speeds of about 6 km/h (3.73 mph). Others can get to as high as 8 km/h (5 mph).

This is often a safe speed to travel at. However, it can take time to get used to. It’s important to first learn how to use your mobility device and how to control its speed before testing out its limits. This helps to prevent falls and related injuries. It also prevents you from harming other people.


It’s important to first learn how to use your mobility device and how to control its speed before testing out its limits.


Find Your Safe Space


We all need a safe space that we can go to not only when we want to have a good time but also in case of an emergency. For people living with limited mobility, it’s important to have a space that is easily accessible using a power wheelchair.

It could be an area where you can easily access a trusted group of friends or family. The most important thing is to know how to get there. You could also have someone close who can take you there when you need to.


Stay Calm in Time of Stress

How we respond when faced with stressful situations plays an important role in what the outcome will be. It is always a good idea to stay calm when you are in distress. This is because communication and movement can become challenging if you panic.

You may not be able to control your power wheelchair well due to muscle spasms. You can use techniques such as deep breathing to help ease your nerves. Staying in control of your power wheelchair and situation helps to make the right decisions and allows you to take the proper action without putting yourself in more danger.


Do Regular Maintenance


Another safety measure that can help you stay safe is doing regular maintenance on your mobility device. All machines must be well-maintained and well-taken care of so as to function properly. This may involve doing things like oiling moving parts and keeping them clean.

It ensures that you don’t get stuck anytime while moving about. This is especially important in times of danger when you need to move quickly. To ensure that your power wheelchair is good to go, always give it a visual inspection before going out.


How to Clean Your Power Wheelchair/Automatic Folding Scooter the Right Way

Stay Safe and Vigilant

It’s highly important that we all stay vigilant and aware at all times so as to stay safe in our communities. If you’re a person living with limited mobility, you are not dis-empowered. Choosing to survive and using some of the tips provided above helps to stay safe during emergencies.

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