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Making The Change From A Manual To An Electric Power Wheelchair

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-04-13

Making The Change From A Manual To An Electric Power Wheelchair

Electric power wheelchairs and mobility scooters have greatly helped to improve the quality of life for persons living with limited mobility. Gaining from the additional independence, they get to perform many activities on their own and reduce the fatigue, pain, and other problems that come with operating a manual wheelchair.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your lifestyle as a person living with restricted mobility, making the switch from a manual wheelchair to a motorized one could be a great start. We understand that sometimes, it’s not easy to accept change. As a result, we decided to highlight some of the remarkable things that can happen if you decide to make the switch.

This is with regards to the Solax S7103 – one of our most convenient and popular automatic remote control folding wheelchairs. Let’s dive in.

Solax S7103 automatic folding power wheelchair

1. Ability to Visit Far-Away Places

Do you find yourself deciding not to go to certain places because the journey will be too hard and tiresome for you? It is not uncommon to experience fatigue and exhaustion whenever you have to manually put in the effort to move from one place to another in your wheelchair. With the Solax S7103, you will not need to worry anymore.

The wheelchair’s high-quality electric motor is able to do all the hard work for you. Your only job is to switch it on and control your movement and direction using an easy-to-use joystick. This takes away most of your engagement and allows you to go anywhere you want without worrying about getting tired along the journey.


2. More Energy To Do Other Things

Operating a manual wheelchair requires you to use some if not all of your energy every day as you move from one place to another. This can sometimes cause you to have less energy to do things like working, going out, or enjoying some entertainment.

The Solax S7103 is designed to require less involvement from the user. This means that as a person living with limited mobility, you’re able to spare some energy and time to invest in your interests, work, and family. In fact, the wheelchair’s remote control folding design makes it easy to store and carry whenever you need to shift from one activity to another.

Solax S7103 automatic folding power wheelchair


3. Less Body Pain 

Making the change from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair can help prevent chronic pain, injury, and other health-related problems. Studies show that prolonged use of a manual wheelchair can lead to serious health conditions such as degenerative shoulder disease, muscle imbalance, and scoliosis.

With continued use, these conditions worsen in their severity. Switching to a power wheelchair like the Solax S7103 can help you control and even prevent these conditions. Its design incorporates unique features that maximize the user’s comfort. You get to stay healthy and safe as you continue to age gracefully.

Solax S7103 power wheelchair quote


4. Fewer Limitations To What You Can Do

The great effort and energy required to operate a manual wheelchair can often limit your independence as a person living with limited mobility. You may decide to base your movement decisions on how much effort you’d need to put in.

When added to the health risks that come with prolonged use of manual wheelchairs, it becomes counterintuitive to continue using a mobility aid that limits your independence. As such, it is a great idea to switch to something that enhances your freedom, quality of life, and independence.

A power wheelchair makes it easy to perform different tasks in the outside world. It eliminates the need of having an attendant due to its wide array of enabling features. Whether you need to automatically fold it without putting in too much strength or drive it around on your own, the wheelchair has got you covered.


5. Improved Quality of Life

Quantitative studies show that switching from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair not only helps to improve mobility but also the user’s quality of life. This is especially when it comes to their social participation. Users are able to engage better and more productively with their environments.

Imagine being able to conveniently visit your family and friends whenever you want to, attend medical appointments, do shopping, as well as participate in community events. All these activities are made easier, fun, and less tiring.

The Solax S7103, in particular, is designed to be consistent with the needs of persons living with limited mobility. It prioritizes comfort, operation, and fit to make most social experiences very manageable.

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Electric power wheelchairs are a great solution for anyone that’s looking to solve some of the problems that come with operating a manual wheelchair. They can help you protect your health, improve your overall well-being, and enhance your independence. While the change may not be easy, it could be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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