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Top 3 Reasons Why an Electric Wheelchair Helps in Daily Life

Back From: Niamh Duffy Release date: 2021-04-27

Top 3 Reasons Why an Electric Wheelchair Helps in Daily Life

In modern life it is key that everything is quick and easy to do, to fit our every busier daily schedule. But this does not just mean cars, trains, and planes. It means our mobility equipment too. Electric wheelchairs are important for so many people to be independent and get the most out of life. Whether this be using a simple household chore, cleaning, working socialising or even travelling round the world. This is where our brand-new folding electric wheelchair truly does come into its own. It is suitable and reliable for people of all ages, with an electromagnetic brake system for that added level of safety. The brand new S7103 is changing lives daily. 

Solax S7103 Automatic folding power wheelchair

Independence is important, and just because you require a wheelchair that does not mean it is any less. Self-propelling wheelchairs suit some people’s needs however many rely on power wheelchairs in their day to day lives. Thing is though are power wheelchairs as versatile? Well, that is where the S7103 comes into its element. This folding electric wheelchair brings together the independence of a power chair but flex ability of a non-powered chair. It plays a significant role in not only increasing the independence of wheelchair users but allows them to keep their options open with regards to travel and overall flexibility. This can then in turn lead to a boost in self-esteem, and provide the opportunity to visit loved ones, friends or engage in activities at a time that suits without having to rely on other people. 

This folding electric wheelchair brings together the independence of a power chair but flex ability of a non-powered chair.

In everyday life, comfort is key. That is why we have designed the new S7103 to fit your body and feel as comfortable as possible. It is designed in a way to fold easily with the touch of a button. This not only includes a strong design but a sturdy frame – so it is ready to face all of life’s challenges with you. Whether that be mopping the floor, daily commutes to the office, trips to the doctors or shopping for the groceries, you know you can count on this folding electric wheelchair. It uses non-toxic PU leather to provide comfort all day, as well as adjustable arm rests to suit your needs. 


This foldable electric wheelchair has been designed to last you from morning until night – with a long max drive distance of 15km – with a powerful motor built in. With a rechargeable battery it has a long shelf life, so investing in a high-quality foldable power wheelchair need not be a big deal. And for those times where you just want to stay out longer – it can even be switched over to manual mode. This means that if you are suffering with a bit of fatigue or in an emergency you can safely be helped by someone else. With a speed of 6km/hour your friends will be racing to catch up with you. 

Solax S7103 automatic folding power wheelchair

Whether you want to travel the world, or simply go on a local road trip – the ease of the new S7103 makes this your ideal piece of equipment. Solax S7103 is a unique lightweight automatic folding power wheelchair capable of turning in small spaces, perfect for tight or crowded spaces when you are on the go. Its small, folded dimensions can easily fit in the boot of a car or into the hold of an aeroplane, with a lightweight design meaning it is also easy to lift. This also means that no costly vehicle adaptions are required.  Dimensions are around 83cm overall length, 63cm overall with and a weight without the battery of around 25kg. 

The Solax S7103 is always ready for you. It is intelligent design and build means it can accompany you wherever and whenever you want to go.

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