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7 Ways The Solax S3121 Makes Mobility and Life Easier

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-03-23

Despite experiencing mobility problems with age, many seniors still want to remain active in life. They desire to move about their homes with ease and explore the outdoors. As such, mobility scooters have become an integral part of maintaining this lifestyle.

The Solax S3121, for example, is one of the best solutions for seniors and handicapped adults that need help moving around. It comes equipped with plenty of features that ensure adults with osteoporosis, arthritis, and other health problems that affect mobility get to their destination with ease.

Solax S3121 Automatic folding Scooter

1. You Can Carry it, Anywhere

Suppose you want to hop in and out of your car with ease while at the same time, conveniently handling your scooter. This can be possible with some help, especially in situations where the scooter is heavy. With the Solax S3121, you don’t have to worry about that.

It weighs 23.3 kg, making it one of the lightest automatic remote control folding scooters available in our catalog. It’s also compact in size and measures just 950x460x950 mm when unfolded and 280x460x650 mm when folded. This makes it easy to store in your car or carry when traveling, making it the most compact auto foldable scooter in the world.

Solax S3121 automatic folding scooter quote

2. Go to Places Without Running Out of Juice

All modes of transportation require fuel or electric power to move about. The Solax S3121 is no exception. Whether you want to hit the nearby restaurant, pharmacy, or shopping center; it is designed to ensure you get to and fro without the worry of running out of charge.

The scooter runs on two 24V 5AH Lithium batteries that drive a 24V 120W motor. The batteries produce enough power for a 15km journey at speeds of up to 6 km/h. This means that users get the energy they need for their errands without worrying about unexpected snarl-ups.  


3. No Need for Help When Storing Your Scooter

A lot of times, conventional scooters require extra hands to put them away until their next use. Seniors and adults with mobility problems may not be able to get themselves off one and still handle its preparation for storing.

With the Solax S3121, all you need to do to fold or unfold your scooter is to press a button on your remote control or an electric switch on the scooter itself. This makes owning the scooter a very convenient affair and eliminates unnecessary work for the elderly and adults with mobility issues. It also means that depending on the extent of the user’s mobility problem, they can handle the scooter themselves without needing too much help.

Solax S3121 automatic folding scooter

4. Monitor Your Scooter’s Performance Whenever You Need To

Like any other machine, users want to stay informed about the workings and status of their scooter. They want to know how fast they are moving, when they need to charge it, and how to identify if there’s a problem.

The Solax S3121 stays ahead of technology. It comes with an LCD display that keeps the user informed of his traveling speed and the scooter’s power output. This is important as it helps owners figure out when they need to slow down or charge their scooter. The screen is strategically located to provide this information at a glance without being a distraction.


5. Enough Sitting Space for All Body Types

Imagine struggling to get onto and fit into your scooter because of simple design mistakes that could have been avoided. This is a predicament for many seniors who use conventional scooters, especially those that come with armrests.

The Solax S3121 is designed and built to fit users of all body shapes and sizes. This is by eliminating features that have the potential to make life more difficult for the elderly. While armrests may be seen as an advantage in some setups, when it comes to mobility scooters, they can be a hindrance to users when they try to get on and off. They also work against adults with larger bodies. With the S3121, seniors can easily turn or stretch when they need to and also stay comfortable during long trips.


6. Don’t Worry About the Scooter Failing You

With everyday movement, safety is a top concern. Scooter riders want to know that their scooter is built to be safe whether it’s in use or not. With the Solax S3121, a strong aluminum frame is used to provide a structure that can handle up to 125 kg. This means that heavier users do not have to worry about the scooter giving in to their weight.

On top of that, engineers added solid tires that provide enough grip on the ground and an electromagnetic brake system that is much safer and quicker to respond. A turning radius of 1.2 m also gives the driver enough room to make tight turns without fear of toppling over.


7. Visit Your Friends and Places in Fashion

No one likes a scooter that isn’t attractive to the eye. Not only does it affect the owner’s mood but also reduces the amount of fun they have as they move about. The overall construction of the Solax S3121 is simple yet aesthetically appealing.

Its unique design ensures that the owner owns a fashionable scooter whether folded or unfolded. The available colors include blue, red, and sky blue – an attractive set that will set your scooter apart from others as you run errands.

Solax S3121 automatic folding scooter outdoor lifestyle


If you’re looking for a scooter to help out with your mobility, the Solax S3121 is designed to make your life a lot easier, no matter the situation you’re in. Whether you want something that can fit a larger body size or a powerful yet stylish product, this particular model is built wholesome and with the daily user in mind.

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