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Best Mobility Equipment for Everyday

Back From: Niamh Duffy Release date: 2021-03-22

Best Solax Mobility Equipment for Everyday

A good quality piece of mobility equipment truly can open the world for those with limited mobility. Trust me, as a wheelchair user for the past 20 years I have encountered a wide range of situations throughout every-day life where the right mobility equipment has been key. Whether you are looking for the perfect solution for work, travel or socialising Solax has the solution to suit your needs. That is why we have rounded up the best mobility equipment for everyday from our wide range of products to highlight how they can change your life.  

Constantly on the go?

Life slows down for no one and there is no reason why you should miss out! Our range of lightweight automatic folding scooters are the perfect choice for a shopping trip, lunch date or medical appointment. For example, the S3023 With a unique remote-control design it is easy to carry and store, including fitting into car boots for easy transportation. The lightweight frame has built in suspension allowing for a comfortable ride by ironing out any bumps along the pavement. Or if you’re looking to go further how about the S5023, with a battery life of up to 30km meaning you can be on the go from day to night, whilst keeping quality at the forefront. This traditional outdoor scooter is perfect for every day use, whilst also bringing comfort and stability.

Solax S3023 Automatic folding scooter

Day in the office?

Office environments can be fast-paced and exciting, so you need the best mobility equipment to match. Tight corridors, varying desk heights, presentations – it is all in a day’s work, and that is why we believe that a wheelchair is the best solution. With tighter turning circles they can glide through the office, fit into small spaces and navigate tight areas easily. Take the S7103  for example, with its high and low free lifting providing a safe and practical solution so you can nail that presentation.

Solax S7103 Automatic folding power wheelchair

Travelling the world?

Travelling need not be worrying, especially when you’ve got the best mobility equipment with you. Whether you are going on around the world trip or on vacation the S204311M is the best mobility equipment to have on hand. Whilst remaining compact, the LCD display keeps you informed of batter power and speed immediately, and the electromagnetic brake system ensures safety on varying terrain. Or the S3121 which takes just 3 seconds to collapse automatically, ready for the airplane hold, with no tools required. Its lightweight frame is built with strength and safety in mind, with storage for a back-up battery allowing you to make the most out of your holiday and explore all day and night. Solax S3121 Automatic folding scooter

Exploring the outdoors?

Your mobility equipment needs to keep up with your lifestyle, whether you are going for a leisurely wander round the park or off-road hike. First off, we have the S9013, the best mobility equipment if you are not quite as adventurous, a wheelchair with a high-quality motor controller allowing for a smooth start and stop. Its small turning radius and strong environmental adaptability making a leisurely walk as relaxing as it should be. However, if you are looking for something a bit more tough how about the S6021 with its 4-wheel drive, and large seating space. Its automatic deacceleration control system is designed for stable and safe turning on varying road conditions.

Here at Solax we are proud to offer a range of the best mobility equipment. We put our customers’ needs to the forefront of our designs, so that we can meet all your requirements and improve your life. If you would like more information you can call the Solax team or contact us

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