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A Beginner’s Guide in Taking Care of the Elderly with Mobility Limitations

Back From: Sasha-Gaye Sampson Release date: 2022-01-07

A Beginner’s Guide in Taking Care of the Elderly with Mobility Limitations

Who wouldn't want a book or an article that tells you exactly how to master the art of taking care of seniors? Everyone, we hope! We recognize that safety is an issue in many households and that many seniors are having mobility challenges due to falls, illnesses, among other things. Therefore, want to help you, their loved ones, to create a safer environment for seniors and make caring for seniors with mobility limitations smoother.

We have compiled a quick guide with tips to help you take care of your senior loved ones with ease and peace of mind. It's time to drive into the details!

Stick to medical appointments

It is pretty easy to miss seniors’ medical appointments, especially if you always have a lot on your hands. However, meeting their appointment helps to keep track of their health status. They may have challenges with their hearing and vision which needs to be monitored routinely.


Encourage physical activity

Though some seniors have mobility issues, it is important that they are given the chance to do physical activities and exercises. Physical activities help to strengthen their bones and keep their muscles in great shape. If they enjoy sewing, painting, gardening, etc allows them to enjoy those activities. They help to improve their mental as well as their physical health. Be sure to consult with their doctors about which activities they can do safely.


Get a physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are specially trained medical professionals that specialize in helping people recover from injuries. They will help seniors perform exercises that they are fearful to perform and offer emotional support during therapy sessions.


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Don't be too much of a helper

We know you are scared that your loved ones may fall and further harm themselves due to previous injuries sustained, but it's ok. Let them do as many things on their own as possible. You can help if and when there is a challenge with getting around. Their autonomy means a lot to them and you don't want to take that away.


Be realistic

We know you want your loved ones up and about as they used to be but you have to give them time to heal. You must also bear in mind that they may never go back to normal. Don't pressure them too much. Be very supportive and help them to adapt to the changes as best as possible.


Allow seniors to express their fears

No doubt, a senior who has experienced a fall may become fearful of moving around or even fearful of going back to the place that the fall occurred. Offer emotional support by allowing them to verbalize their fears. This helps to alleviate fears and give them renewed hope and confidence. Praise seniors when they demonstrate improvement, when they try to move around by themselves, and when trying to use a mobile device.


Keep your house safe and accessible for people with limited mobility

Eliminate home hazards

Hazards in the home can pose a problem in the safety of seniors. Here are some tips to consider in promoting safety at home.

*Use non-skid floor mats

*Ensure proper lighting

*Keep items close to their reach

*Install grab bars and rails in the shower

*Use night lights

*Keep their environment spacious

*Keep walkway clear of objects that can cause falls and injuries

*Put rubber mats in the tub

*Use a plastic chair while showering

*Get sinks and toilets raised to their level for easy accessibility

*Create wider doors that can open easily


Encourage seniors to join support groups

Support groups boost self-esteem and allow seniors to know that they are not alone. These support groups may comprise of groups of seniors with similar aging and mobility challenges of which they have common experiences and goals.


Ensure they are meeting their nutritional needs

As people age, their appetite diminishes. They no longer enjoy certain food due to changes in their taste buds, medical conditions as well as the loss of their teeth. Therefore, caregivers must monitor their daily intake to promote healing and keep them as physically and emotionally healthy as possible. You can also consider getting them to see a dietician if they are having problems with eating.


Get help

If you can't be around most of the time to take care of your loved ones, be sure to get someone to keep their company and assist them as needed. This helps to minimize injuries, falls and prevent loneliness. They may also need to get things done, ensure someone is there to get them around to do tasks they are unable to perform by themselves.


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Get an assistive mobility device

Assistive mobility devices are great tools to assist with ambulation and mobility. They can aid with getting rid of the fear of falling and make life easier for seniors. Mobility devices such as scooters can help to improve physical activities. We at Solaxtech specializes in providing seniors with a wide variety of assistive mobility devices such as scooters and walkers that are super easy to use and convenient. You can check out our website or send us a message, and we will respond within as soon as we can. Our warm and welcoming staff is excited to meet you.


The take-home

Caring for the elderly can be a challenge at times. However, with the right measures implemented and knowledge, things can get easier. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if and when needed. All the very best.

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