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The Newest Mobifree Mobility Scooter
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Unfolded Size:96.9X53X95 cm

Folded Size:34.3x53x65 cm

Driving Speed:0~6 km/h

Max. Driving Distance:15 km

Max. Capacity:125 kg

Weight:21kg (battery excluded)

Battery Weight:1.8kg (for two Lithium batteries)

Safe Gradient:0~12°

Turning Radius:≤1.2 m

Drive Method:Rear wheel

Frame: Aluminum alloyr

Brake system:Electromagnetic brake

Seat:W 40 cm, D 33 cm

Tires:Solid(6’ X7’)

Motor:24V 120W

Battery:24V 10AH detachable lithium batteries

Charger:DC25.9V 2A


1. Electromagnetic brake system ensures safety.

2. Equipped with high quality detachable lithium battery, stable performance.

3. Easily fits car trunk and small storage places. HSR, subway and flight accessible.

4. Manual folding methods,Easy manual 3 sec. folding.

5. Spin riveting new technology ensures stability.

6. The height and angle of the tiller can be adjusted for a comfortable position.

7. Light-weighted as low as 19kg without battery.

8. Detachable armrests for easy install/uninstall in one second.

Product Specifications

How to Simplify Your Life with the New Mobifree M2020 Scooter

The new Mobifree M2020 is the latest addition to our lineup of mobility scooters. On top of offering great convenience, it helps persons living with limited mobility to maintain their independence.

It takes into account the most important features; which include price, usability, comfort, safety, portability, and more. It’s designed to meet a variety of needs as well as transform the way persons with limited mobility live.

The New Mobifree M2020 Scooter

  1. The price killer

The Mobifree M2020 has everything that you’d need in a scooter. It comes equipped with the basic features needed for movement both indoors and outdoors. As such, you get the most affordable mobility scooter that offers great value for your money.

Its lower price point does not affect quality in any way. The scooter comes with the same riveting technology found in all Solax mobility aids. You get the best design, a lightweight construction, and a comfortable drive.

  1. Go anywhere, anytime

Our new scooter features a powerful 25.2V lithium battery that can go a maximum distance of 9 miles (15 km) at full charge. You can hop onto it anytime, whether you’re going shopping, visiting family and friends, or running errands nearby.

A DC25.9V 2A output charger is provided with the scooter. This means that you can charge your Mobifree M2020 almost anywhere as long as there’s a power source. You never have to worry about running out of power while using it.

  1. Easy to Store

The scooter also comes with an exclusive manual folding feature that allows users to store it conveniently for travel. It measures 969x530x950 mm when unfolded and 343x530x650 mm when folded.

It takes up very little space and can fit in your car’s trunk easily. The same applies if you’d like to store it in your home at the end of each day. The Mobifree M2020 also doesn’t weigh much. At just 19 kg without the battery, it’s one of the lightest mobility scooters available today.

It also features detachable armrests that can be installed and uninstalled in one second. The scooter’s design makes it easy to decompress it whenever you need to keep it away for some time.


  1. Improved safety

Some of the safety features the Mobifree M2020 is equipped with include an electromagnetic brake, spin riveting technology, and rear-wheel drive. The electromagnetic brake relies on an electromagnetic force to bring the scooter to a complete stop.

This provides quick responses and consistent performance throughout. The spin riveting technology reduces impact during movement, hence, improving stability and safety. Lastly, the rear-wheel drive system makes the device powerful enough and easy to maneuver.

It gives the user better control even at higher speeds. You can use your Mobifree M2020 almost anywhere as it’s designed to perform in a variety of environments.

  1. No tight spots

The new scooter also features a turning radius of 55 inches (1.4m). This refers to the tightest turn the scooter can make with the tiller completely turned. Its turning radius is perfect for smooth navigation in the outdoors and in open spaces.

You never have to worry about negotiating tight corners when using your mobility scooter. It also makes it easy to get to areas that would otherwise be considered hard to reach. This important feature greatly improves the maneuverability of your scooter.


  1. Adequate capacity

The new Mobifree M2020 scooter also comes with a maximum loading capacity of 265 pounds (120kg). This gives it a higher threshold to handle heavier users and items for an extended period of time. It features a simple yet durable design that provides maximum strength.

In other words, you never have to worry about your scooter giving in to your weight or heavy items. It remains operational and performs its intended functions even when under heavy load. All you need to do is to ensure the weight does not exceed its loading capacity.


At Solax, we strive to provide the best mobility aids that offer convenience and great independence for persons living with limited mobility. The new Mobifree M2020 scooter comes with the best features at an affordable price. It’s designed to offer improved performance and safety both indoors and outdoors.



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