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6 Tips for Maintaining Self Care while Living with Limited Physical Mobility

Back From: Sasha-Gaye Sampson Release date: 2023-11-22

6 Tips for Maintaining Self Care while Living with Limited Physical Mobility

Research has shown that many individuals who have limited mobility often experience mental stress as they are not coping well with the major change their lives undergo. No matter your age, self-care is important. Taking care of oneself has a surplus of benefits, not only for your physical health but also for your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, caregivers and persons with limited mobility must take the time to ensure that their loved ones take care of themselves where possible.

Before we go further into the core of this article, let's take a closer look at self-care under the microscope. 


What is Selfcare?

It is the act of taking the initiative to actively take care of your health, happiness, and wellbeing, especially during stressful periods.

If you or your loved one has limited mobility and is unsure about the next step to take, fret not! You are in our thoughts, and we want to help. Therefore, we have lined up for you a few tips to help you maintain self-care while having limited mobility. Ready? Let's dive right in!

Senior selfcare

Stay social

The Covid-19 pandemic has been upon us and sometimes it feels as if it's up to our necks, but we can't let it stop us. While observing the necessary measures to keep you and others safe, you must stay social. Stay connected with your friends and loved ones. Staying connected with others helps to distract you from the stresses of life and keeps you happy. Don't be afraid to have a mini-barbeque cook-out in your backyard and invite a few friends to have a good time. Play some games or watch a comedic movie to relax your mind. If you need support, reach out to a friend or a relative for help. We bet your body will thank you later!


Keep that brain on the ball

Reading keeps your mind active and at ease. Learning new concepts and new things are great ways to keep your mind in good shape. You can play brain games, learn how to create new dishes, or even learn a new skill. You are never too young or old to learn.


Eat up the good stuff

Someone once said that eating healthy is one of the most difficult things that a human must undergo. It doesn't have to be though. Researchers encourage individuals to eat balanced meals with fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated. Feel free to prepare your meals using a variety of cooking methods that will stimulate your taste buds and appetite.

Stay active and exercise as an elder

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!!!

Get those muscles flexing and that heart pumping good emotions by exercising. The benefits of exercise to your mental health are significant predictors of self-care. Don't be too much of a superhero now and damage your body. Take baby steps until you get where you want to be. Research has shown that exercise helps to prevent immobility, prevents falls, as well as lowers the risk of Diabetes and Osteoarthritis.


Escape life’s hassles and ditch your daily routine a bit

You are worth it and so much more! Taking a break every now and then from your daily routines helps to alleviate stress and give you an emotional boost to take on the days ahead. Travel to a resort, rent a holiday cabin or treat yourself to a complete spa package. Go on an adventure with families or friends. You deserve it.

Solax mobility scooter S302531C

Get a mobility device that keeps you on top of your game

A mobility device can make life a whole lot more comfortable and more fun. It helps you to navigate your way to your desired location with ease. No need to be depending on others for you to get by. Mobility devices such as manual and electric scooters can be used to simplify tasks in your daily life. If you desire to purchase a technologized, modern, efficient, and top-quality mobility device, you can shoot us a message. We can't wait to hear from you.

Get a mobility device that keeps you on top of your game- the S3025 mobility scooter models; you will be glad you did. Oh, wait, let’s just share why this mobility device is a must-have if you have mobility challenges. It can perform the usual functions of a wheelchair and more. It is a very comfortable wheelchair that can be placed in a standing position that provides full head and body support. It has electronic brakes, it is available in red and blue colors, and you can drive up to 35kms. Awesome right? It definitely is!


The Take Home

We are all built differently with different needs and different goals. If none of these tips work for you, you can always consider other activities. But remember selfcare is key in your overall health and wellbeing and you have to do what you have to do to stay healthy.


If by chance you are still not able to cope with the changes in life, we encourage you to seek professional help. It is ok to ask for help. Sometimes humans’ gas tanks run low, and we need a boost to get us up and running again. You got this!


Take Care!

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