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How the Mobility Scooter Differentiates Itself From Other Mobility Devices

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-11-10

How the Mobility Scooter Differentiates Itself From Other Mobility Devices

Mobility scooters are useful if you’re looking to get around easily. They provide those with limited mobility the independence and convenience they need. Whether you want to travel long distances or carry out daily activities without help, a scooter comes with plenty of features tailored for you.

In today’s article, we’ll list some of the ways our mobility scooters differentiate themselves from other mobility devices. This information will help you determine if a mobility scooter is the right pick for you. Let’s take a look.  

Advantages of mobility scooters over other mobility devices


Easy to Operate

Solax mobility scooters are designed to be easy to use for anyone looking to get one. The overall design includes handlebars for control, a detachable lithium battery for power, a comfortable seat, and footplates on which the user can rest their feet.

Learning how to operate a mobility scooter is also quick and easy. The handlebars and controls can be easily manipulated by even those with limited body strength. They make it easier and safer to go through ramps and other descending terrains. Most users are able to get on top of things quickly thanks to the short learning curve.


One of the major advantages that mobility scooters offer is portability. At Solax, we provide foldable scooters that can be stored or transported when not in use. The folding can be done using three methods. The first involves doing it manually and is a great option for users with the upper body strength to do it.

The second method involves using an electric switch while the third involves using a remote control. These two methods provide extra convenience by leaving the job to the scooter. All you need to do is press a button and the scooter does everything for you.

solax mobility scooters are perfect to storage or take inside trains


Persons living with limited mobility have different needs and requirements. As such, it’s important to consider each of these needs when picking the right mobility aid. Our Solax mobility scooters are available in three different variations. They include the automatic folding scooter, manual folding scooter, and off-road scooter.

The automatic folding scooter doesn’t require much engagement when it comes to folding it. The process is automated for you. The manual-folding, however, is ideal for those looking for a scooter they can manually engage with when storing or transporting it.

Our off-road scooter is specially designed to take on rough terrains away from the road. All variants are great for the outdoors. They perform exceptionally well on rougher and diverse pavements. In addition, they work well for indoor spaces that are not tight due to their short turning radius.


Handle vs joystick

Mobility scooters include an easy-to-use tiller or handlebar for better driving and control. They are ideal for users that have the arm and upper body strength needed. In addition, they are great for those that can sit upright comfortably while extending their arms to hold the bar.

This is different from power wheelchairs which are operated using a joystick. Here, all the user requires are fine motor skills. As for handlebars, there are two available – straight and delta. Straight handlebars are great for those that can apply pressure with their hands and squeeze. while delta handlebars work for those that can’t apply pressure for long periods.

What is best Handle vs Joystick for mobility devices

More independence

With a scooter, you can pretty much do most of the things you need to do by yourself. The biggest benefit includes being able to move from one place to another with little to no assistance. This gives you an opportunity to do what you want and visit places you like.

In addition, a mobility scooter can be a great option for someone who feels resistant to move to a wheelchair. This could be due to the connotation the latter may carry. It provides an easier transition towards mobility aids and can be empowering when compared to using a wheelchair.



As seen above, mobility scooters provide plenty of features that you wouldn’t get in other mobility aids. These features offer unique benefits that make sure movement is easy and less tiring for those with limited mobility. With their increased independence and ease of use, these aids continue to be a popular option for many.

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