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2.3m Telescopic Round Tube Stepladder

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Max length

    2.3 meters

  • Min length

    0.74 meters

  • Width(without stabilizer)

    0.49 meters

  • Width(with stabilizer)

    0.69 meters

  • Total weight


  • Max pressure


  • Certificate

    (TUV)EN 131-6R50837384

  • Admission

    onsumer/ commercial/ industrial/ professional use

  • Packaging

    individually carton package725*565*163mm

The function of our ladders is powerful. The stepladders
can be used as inclined ladders. When you are inalow
position. The two to pstiles can be telescoped to
scale. They are easy to operate and scale quickly
.Multi-function telescopic ladder can solve a variety of
family or industrial problems. Bring security to the high position

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Spock Lin or Wendy Luo

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Copyright © 1996-2020 Guangdong Prestige Technology Co., Ltd.

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Technical Support:Mike MIC