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What Do Popular Solax Models Have That Other Mobility Scooters Don’t?

Back From: William Mutugi Release date: 2021-03-25

At Solax, we strive to manufacture the very best products for your mobility needs. In fact, our S3021 automatic remote control folding scooter is the best-selling model in both the UK and the US. It shares the same features with the S3031 and S3041 models, and only differentiates itself slightly by design and aesthetics.

In this post, we’ll take you through why these three scooters are the most preferred options by our consumers and explain the benefits they provide when compared to other brands in the market. As a person living with mobility issues, we understand that much of the physical environment is not easily accessible. As such, we work to make sure that our scooters have all the relevant assistive technologies that you need.

This enables you to communicate freely with the world while actively participating in other meaningful activities away from your home. Take, for example, our folding mechanism that comes in the Solax S3021, S3031, and S3041. It allows you to fold your automatic folding scooter and store it in your garage, shed, or room. This is, of course, until the next time you’ll use it.

Solax best selling automatic folding scooter.


What Makes These Mobility Scooters Unique?

All three scooter models have three different folding methods. They include:

1. Manual fold: This option allows the user to put in some physical effort if need be to reduce the scooter into a size they can store. This is made easy by the lightweight construction of the scooter. It’s a viable option for those with the physical ability to do so.

2. Automatic fold: This is a convenient alternative that allows the user to fold the scooter without having to put any physical effort into the process. All one has to do is engage an electric switch and the scooter will do all the work for you.

3. Remote control: Like the second option, the remote control fold feature allows you to reduce your scooter into a smaller size for storage. A remote is provided for this and you do not need any other extra tools for the job.  

Solax S3021, S3031, S3041 Automatic folding scooter


Choosing What Works Best for You

These options make it easy to choose what works best for you. With the manual option, you can actively engage with your scooter whenever you want. The automatic and remote control options make sure your needs are still catered for whenever you need a better alternative. They all enable you to quickly and effectively fold or disassemble your scooter.

Take, for example, whenever you need to take a drive in the park, have a brunch date, or go for a trip to the zoo with your family. Having a folding mobility scooter ensures that you’re ambulant and ready to head out. You can leave your house, unfold your scooter, drive it to a car, fold it and store it into the vehicle’s storage compartment. Most mobility scooters provide greater access to external environments but for someone who wants to utilize even the smallest of spaces, the three Solax models ensure that you have continuous social interaction and engagement.

Also, due to the work or movement routine that you may have, you definitely want something that provides comfort at all times. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with our Solax S3021 automatic scooter. Thanks to an upgraded rear suspension system for 2020, it makes sure all rides are less bumpy. You get a reliable companion that provides a comfortable driving experience every time you head out.

Having a Solax automatic folding mobility scooter ensures that you’re ambulant and ready to head out.


Additional Comfort When You Need It

Comfort doesn’t stop there. All three scooters also feature the Delta handle. It provides a comfortable rest for your arms and muscles. This is extremely important because as we get older, our muscles degenerate and need better care. Where we choose to spend most of our time seated becomes very crucial. The Delta handle is your go-to armrest whenever you need to lay your arms somewhere after a long drive.

When combined with a reliable rear-wheel-drive setup, the Solax S3021, S3031, and S3041 all provide a tight turning radius that ensures you’re able to reliably maneuver small spaces. Whether you want to negotiate a tight corner or go through a doorway, each scooter is designed to provide the opportunity to do so. You get to enjoy the independence you want while using your scooter.



All the three models highlighted above share the same specifications. They distinguish themselves from each other by having a different construction design and finish. Their versatility allows you to enjoy the latest and most important features that help you with your everyday mobility while at the same time, choosing what best appeals to you aesthetically. At Solax, our top-most priority is to ensure your movement is made easier and that you’re able to blend into life’s activities whenever you want. 


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