S3121 Folding Electric 4-Wheel Scooter

Application of S3121 Folding Electric 4-Wheel Scooter

The S2131 is a great safe, portable, reliable short distance travel scooter. It provides great convenience for daily activities and travels. Different from a conventional wheelchair, our power scooter is battery driven and you can drive it into many places such as markets, shops, lifts. It allows for enhanced quality of life by enabling less mobile individuals to main a normal daily lifestyle and saves time and energy to get to the destination


The S3121 folding electric 4-wheel scooter is easily folded without any tools. The model features a refined light and thin style. Compared with our other folding scooters, the weight is reduced by 5.5kg to only 19.5kg. The weight capacity is 125kg. The battery of the scooter is aviation approved, therefore it can be traveled with by plane. With consideration of the drive experience, the height and angle of the operating lever is adjustable.

*OEM/ODM is available

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