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Max.weight Capacity::300 lbs  (136kg)                    
Ground Clearance:2"   (5.08cm)
Maximum Speed:6km/h  (3.7mph)                           
Turning Radius: 24"  (60.7cm)
Overall Length:38"  (96.52cm)                                  
Overall Width:22.9"  (58.2cm)
Seat Width:18"(46cm)/20"(51cm)                               
Range Up To:22km  (13.7mile)
Seat Height(from ground):20.5"  (52cm)                   
Battery Charger:off-board,2 amp
Weight without battery pack:48.5 lbs  (22kg)            
Compatible Batteries:12AH
Drive System:24 volt DC motor                                  
Brake System:Intelligent,regenerative,and electromagnetic        
Colors:red;bule ; white

Solax-zippy scooters have the features of
which is designed systematically and creatively for different types of people with the cognitive ability to operate the scooter safely when walking for prolonged periods.